Designlincds team likes to investigate and look at whats happening in the community around us. Whether that be talking to clients, enquiring about upcoming projects or even talking to our work colleagues. This ‘Social’ page is a forum for us to post our newest material and architectural discoveries. Enjoy what we have to offer, and do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a future collaboration or project.

Mikes Trike

Mikes Trike is an article that talks to our fellow colleague and friend, Mike Richardson. The trike is a famous vehicle that streaks through stirling highway driven by a man with a talent for sustainability, design and innovation.

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Tribe Fitness

Tribe fitness was an initiative created by the team to encourage healthy living, exercise and enhance relationships with other businesses. Inviting companies from around Perth, the team embarked on an intense six week challenge that saw many of us squatting and lunging hard for two days per week. Contact us to find out more about next season and whether you can get involved.